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inNottingham Web Designs award winning on Call Manager provides a fast and reliable solution, packed with features, to combat the problems of capturing and monitoring out of hours activity within your department.

Developed by Innottingham Web Design for use at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham the system is now being used to monitor out of hours activity across several large NHS trusts including Leicester, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Sheffield and Portsmouth.


  • What does this system provide.?
  • Captures Resident Pharmacists workloads.
  • Manages Follow up calls by enabling Senior Pharmacists to review Follow up Calls and give feedback to residents (making it an excellent peer review tool)
  • Captures Oncall Backup Pharmacist Activity.
  • Includes a ward notes to enable handovers.
  • Provides Instant, Live and Comprehensive Management Reporting.
  • Full, fast and complete search of past records including comments (enabling the option to create FAQ in the future)
  • Colour coded review screens for easy reviewing.
  • Enables Pharmacy Managers to examine how calls have been handled by Pharmacists, provide feedback and peer review
  • Provides a valuable record of events and conversations between the public and other healthcare professionals. (a risk management tool)
  • Password protection.
  • Built around fast and reliable internet technology.
  • Replaces paper records.

Hospital friendly


on Call Manager has been developed in a hospital environment with constant feedback from a team of dedicated resident and senior pharmacists.

If your hospital runs any sort of out of hours, emergency duty or late cover service then you can use this system.

The software uses standard web technology and sits on the hospital intranet. Data is stored on the trust SQL server (preferably) and access is gained from any PC that has access to the intranet. Password protection keeps unwanted visitors out.