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This online version was an actual live copy of the system that had been running in a hospital since 2004. This database has over 16000 calls recorded and therefore should give you an ideal of how it works in the largest environment over the slowest connection!

The database is a fully functional, latest version of the on call manager software.

You can use this resourse to evaluate and train staff without affecting your working data.

Please remember that the information stored in this on line database is not secure and could be read by anyone. Please do not put any patient identifiable information online.

InNottingham accepts no responsibility for any entries made in this on line version of the database . Please report any offensive material so that it can be removed as soon as possible.

Sorry you need a password to accesss this system, please contact innottingham web design using the contact button above. Passwords are normally issueD within 24 hours.

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